Getting a Tattoo from me is simple

Just pick the collection that fires your imagination and get in touch via the contact form.

01. Go Big or Go Home

Looking for a large scale tattoo with multiple bits of what I do? Just pick your elements from the other collections and I’ll combine them into a huge KarmaPunk™ collage!

04. Big in Japan

Are you a lover of Japanese inspired tattoos? Me too. Soft line work flowers combined with Asian inspired patterns and textures (and occasionally goldfish!). Just tell me where you want them and I’ll do the rest.

02. Trust the process

My favourite and most loved pieces generally come from here. Surrender your skin to my process and to my artwork and you won’t be disappointed.

05. Let’s face it

From a loved one to your most loved musician or icon, these are the ‘next level’ portraits that I’m known for.
Isn’t it time you got yours?
You just tell me who and I’ll do the rest.

03.Destroy all monsters

If, like me, you love horror movies then this is for you. Just pick a monster or a horror flick and I’ll take care of the rest.

06. Yeah! What is it?

Embrace the Chaos!
If the random beauty of organic Ink splatters dancing over digital pattern work and cut up pieces of text gets your heart racing then this is the project for you.

07. From the street

My ambient artworks generally contain more social commentary than my tattoo art. Choose from a selection of pieces designed for the street, t-shirts, album covers, guitars etc and get a piece of my installation art on your skin. Resist Baby!