I don't actually like talking about myself much. So, here instead, are some nice things people have said about me arranged into a bio format!
Paul Talbot is often cited as one of the world’s leading exponents of a graphic tattoo style that inspired a whole scene. 'Like Andy Warhol art dragged thru 20yrs of dirty rehearsal rooms & beer soaked punk gigs'.

'In a sea of 'sameness' his instantly recognisable style - that combines street art influences with contemporary portraiture and graphic design - emerges as a fresh voice with a clear vision. The underlying theme of his work speaks to a far broader audience. He gives us permission to do not wait for the stars to align. If the road doesn’t exist, make your own'.

He describes his work as KarmaPunk™ Collages - stills from a postmodern, science-fiction movie set ten minutes in the future and his process as Re-examining Bits and Pieces of What’s Been Discarded in the Haste of the Late 20th Century and Sticking Them Together. ⁣

‘I’m a Good Old Fashioned Rebel Challenging the Notion that Tattoo Iconography is Relevant to a 21st Century Working-Class, 80’s Analogue, Comic Book Reading Suburban Rock’n’Roll Kid from the Middle of England.’

Paul has won a number of awards in both design and tattooing, including an industry award for ‘most innovative style’. He has also been nominated for a Grammy twice, is a published animal rights poet and producer of a number 1 hit single - all facts that he likes to drop into conversation whenever he can!
He has never written a best-selling book or hosted his own radio show. But he's working on it...