Karma Punk Collection | Vol 7 | DESTROYED TYPE


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Product Description

15 high quality brushes from my personal collection. Created over the years, ‘DESTROYED TYPE’  is one of my absolute favourite brush sets.
‘Never confuse legibility with communication’
Type as a texture says a lot. It gives artwork a different kind of organic movement. Solid yet fluid, anarchic yet authoritarian. Grunge type defined Punk and the photocopy art movement of the 70’s and then redefined itself in the 90’s as the look of the ‘Seattle sound’ and It smells like teen spirit!
I use these brushes every day in my artwork to create my signature ‘Karma Punk’ look. I think you’ll really enjoy them and the creative options they give you.
Enjoy p+
  • Compatible with both Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo on your Computer
  • PLUS! Procreate and Affinity Photo on your iPad